Who Is Connect Designed For?

Connect is for companies that want to adapt to a changing business environment and accelerate performance through optimal collaboration. With a shift towards virtual offices and remote working, it provides a secure, end-to-end solution that brings all aspects of your business onto one platform.

Board members from around the world reviewing annual performance, business managers updating quarterly projections and discussing side by side with project owners, site engineers submitting fee extensions from afar, lawyers providing professional consultations – whoever you are, Connect brings people, systems and operations together under one roof in a way that improves business outcomes.

How Does Connect Work?

Connect is available on an invitation-only basis and can be used by any of our partnering clients. It facilitates seamless integration with the VirtuTech suite of enterprise applications or your own in-house systems. Your team can access the platform through a secure, device-responsive web application anytime, anywhere.

With audio, video and screen share features – alongside an extensive collection of enterprise apps – Connect combines the capabilities of leading business applications in a single, agile and user-friendly application that manages all aspects of your business to exceed the present and future needs of your business.

How Can Connect Help Your Business?

Connect helps you maximise the potential of your business by finding the optimal way of working as a team. It’s the ultimate remote-working solution that enables you to adapt quickly to the changing needs of your business and allows you to capitalise on every opportunity that comes your way – now and for years to come.

With Connect, your business is driven by your requirements – not by your systems. Thanks to Microsoft-backed technology, seamless integration to in-house systems and advanced multi-layered security, you’ll have more confidence and flexibility than ever as you compete in a fast-moving market. Connect is your ready-made virtual office!