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Using modern programming languages and cutting-edge technology, we enhance your existing systems and processes by automating monotonous, repetitive and labour-intensive tasks. Finding the right balance between human interaction, best use of technology and systems allows your team to unleash their innovation, productivity and potential – all so you can accelerate bottom-line performance.

Virtutech Lite, Short-Term Automation: Office Applications

Regardless of the systems you use in-house, Microsoft Office remains one of the most popular business applications around the world. Using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language, we can help you automate a range of day-to-day Office tasks from data modelling, processing and web scraping to Excel dashboards building, tailored project accounting, resource planning and more.

Whether it’s project managers requiring bespoke reporting solutions or marketing consultants looking to send bulk emails to inactive clients – whoever you are, we can help you stay agile when your in-house systems are struggling to adapt quickly. You’ll achieve internal efficiencies and capitalise on every opportunity that comes your way.

Virtutech Pro, Mid-Term Efficiencies: Interface-Driven Automation

When you require medium to long-term automation solutions with enhanced stability, security and user experience to quickly adapt to fast changing needs of your business, we can provide you with bespoke user interfaces, tracking, monitoring and accounting systems, power BI dashboards, database integration, e-commerce web applications, and many more cost-effective, agile solutions to help you improve your business outcomes and stay ahead of the game at all times.

Whether it’s cross-selling opportunity identifications, securing new earnings, resource forecasting, competitor and client analyses, portfolio accounting, consolidated reporting or something different, we ensure your business adapts and excels with Virtutech automation solutions to accelerate productivity and performance.

Virtutech Ultimate, Long-Term Efficiencies: RPA, ETL, ERP and More

When multiple instances of short to medium-term automation initiatives exist, it often reveals the inflexibility of existing in-house systems to adapt to present needs of the business. We see opportunities for firm-wide process re-engineering through robust, scalable and agile systems with advanced security, stability and user experience ensuring your business is driven by its needs and not its systems.

From custom ERP systems, Robotic Process Automations, data warehouse and ETL solutions hosted on-site, hybrid or in-cloud, we can help you manage scope creep monitoring, automated invoicing, credit control, feedback analyses, building intelligent robots to operate in-house systems and many more to help you stay ahead of the game now and in the future.
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Using advanced analytics, data visualisation and AI techniques, we give you greater visibility, insights and control over your operations. As you gain a deeper knowledge of your business, operations and customer base, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions with more confidence based on timely, evidence-based insights to better manage risks and accelerate the performance of your business.

Get greater Visibility Across Your Business

Our user-friendly BI dashboards give you a 360-degree understanding of your products, services, clients and core business drivers. We translate high-volume transactional data into meaningful insights and present them in an easily digestible format understood by both financial and non-financial users.

Board members evaluating operational performance and ROI trends, programme managers analysing profitable projects, operations managers reviewing business units – whoever you are, our BI dashboard helps you get a comprehensive view of your operations and performance highlighting any problem areas or growth opportunities, facilitating better accountability and engagement towards improved bottom-line performance.

Receive Actionable Insights For Improved Collaboration

With Virtutech’s BI dashboard, we don’t just give you clarity over your operations and performance, we provide you with impactful KPIs through our bespoke interactive, simple-to-use interface that consolidates all of your core in-house systems providing you with clear, actionable insights that allow you to make decisions on every aspect of your business.

Board members looking to improve customer satisfaction, finance business partners seeking to boost profitability, marketing managers looking to accelerate conversion rates – whoever you are, we give you the insight and action points you need to get the best out of your existing systems and collaboratively improve bottom-line performance across your firm.

Manage Risk & Uncertainty To Stay In Control

Using predictive analytics, machine learning and AI techniques, we can help you remain in control and take proactive measures to deal with your future risks and uncertainties with confidence. We provide a range of future modelling solutions from building statistical models, engineering machine-learning algorithms to integrating Artificial Intelligence into your business processes and systems built on your own in-house data and industry insights, to help you solve the real-world problems.

Corporate directors maintaining risk registers, operations managers predicting future output, warehouse managers projecting inventory, resource managers analysing recruitment demand – whoever you are, we can provide robust future modelling solutions to help you manage uncertainties with confidence.
Our BI dashboard can be accessed and integrated into our remote working solution,
Connect, to improve your collaboration experience and overall business and
operational outcomes.
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Using our flagship product Connect–patent pending-we bring every aspect of your business into one simple, easy-to-use platform. With people, systems and operations in a single interface, you’ll create results-driven collaboration and open up countless opportunities for innovation as we move towards a culture of remote working.